Hydro Mechanical Systems: Powering Diverse Industries

In the mass of industries that depend on robust hydraulic systems, Hydro Mechanical Systems (HMS) stands tall as an authoritative player. As an authorized OEM of major manufacturers of hydrostatic pumps and motors, our commitment to excellence is not just a philosophy; it's a way of business. This blog unveils the diverse industries we serve and the major services we offer, showcasing how HMS is a pivotal force in powering the machinery that keeps our world moving.

Industries We Serve

  • Off-Highway and Intra-City Trucks
    From the highways to city streets, HMS plays a crucial role in keeping off-highway and intra-city trucks running efficiently. Our expertise ensures that these vehicles deliver optimal performance across diverse terrains.
  • Construction Machinery
    The construction industry relies on heavy machinery to get the job done. HMS's services are woven into the fabric of construction machinery, ensuring reliability and efficiency on construction sites worldwide.
  • Cranes & Unloading Equipment at Ports
    Ports are bustling hubs of activity, and our contributions extend to the cranes and unloading equipment that keep goods flowing seamlessly in and out. Precision and reliability are our cornerstones in this critical sector.
  • Locomotives
    Rail transportation is the backbone of many economies, and HMS ensures the smooth operation of locomotives. Our calibrated assemblies guarantee optimum performance, contributing to the efficiency of rail networks.
  • Farm Equipment
    The agricultural sector relies on advanced machinery for efficiency and productivity. HMS is at the forefront, providing services that keep farm equipment operating at peak performance levels.
  • Industrial Drives
    Industries across the spectrum depend on industrial drives for various applications. HMS's expertise in this domain ensures the reliability and efficiency of these critical components.
  • Mining
    In the demanding and rugged world of mining, HMS's services play a pivotal role in ensuring that hydraulic systems in mining equipment operate flawlessly under challenging conditions.
  • Forestry Equipment
    Forestry operations demand specialized equipment, and HMS is there to support the forestry industry with calibrated and pre-tested hydraulic assemblies.
  • Railroad Equipment
    Beyond locomotives, we extend our services to the broader railroad equipment landscape, ensuring that hydraulic systems in rail applications meet the highest standards.
  • Port Equipment (Stevedoring)
    Stevedoring, a key aspect of port operations, relies on well-maintained and efficient equipment. HMS contributes to this sector by providing reliable hydraulic solutions.
  • Telehandling Equipment
    Telehandlers are versatile machines used in various industries. Our calibrated assemblies contribute to the seamless functioning of telehandling equipment across applications.
  • Crane and Rigging
    Precision is non-negotiable in crane and rigging operations. HMS's calibrated and pre-tested assemblies ensure that cranes and rigging equipment operate with the utmost reliability and safety.

Hydro Mechanical Systems (HMS) stands as a linchpin in the machinery that drives diverse industries. With our status as an authorized OEM and testing expertise, we deliver calibrated, pre-tested assemblies that set the benchmark for optimum performance. As we continue to power these industries, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering, making HMS the trusted partner for hydraulic solutions across the globe.

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