Custom Projects

HMS Starting Systems

HMS is also a primary source of Starting Systems for gas turbines of many sizes. With over 100 man-years of engineering experience, HMS can design, manufacture, test, and ship your custom starting system (hydraulic, electric, or diesel) within a short time. Below is a starter using dual hydrostatic pumps for a military ship:

HMS has supplied many major turbine manufacturers and packagers with starting systems. Coupled with our testing expertise, our assemblies are shipped pre-tested and factory set for optimum performance.

Customized Engineering

With in-house engineering expertise and the extended services of our vendors, HMS can meet your most demanding needs.

Above: An electric motor coupled to a torque converter with output through a clutch and turning gear system.

A Range of Powers

HMS equipment presently starts turbines built by many of the world's major turbine manufacturers ranging in size from 1/2 MW to 500 Megawatts!

Starters range from simple hydrostatic motors to complete enclosed assemblies including hydrostatic pumps with oil storage tanks to large electric or diesel engines coupled with industrial torque converters and associated drive trains.

Above and below: Electric motor and torque converter assembly.

Designed Systems

  • - Hydrostatic Motors
  • - Hydraulic Pumps
  • - Electric Motor Prime Mover
  • - Diesel Engine Prime Mover
  • - Cooling Systems
  • - Closed or Open Loop hydraulic circuits
  • - Enclosed Power Units
  • - High Pressure Filter Systems
  • - Turning Gear Drives
  • - Synchronizing Clutch drives
  • - Hazard Area Classifications
  • - Compliance to International Specs (e.g. IEC)
  • - Compliance to RINA, ABS, etc.

On the Seas

In the Mediterranean, several large Ferries powered by GE gas turbines are transporting vehicles; HMS provides the key hydraulic starting assembly.


Innovative Applications

HMS Power Systems provides starting acceleration of an active generator as well as a turning gear application for cooling. In some areas, an enclosure is necessary for weather protection.

HMS will fill all your genuine Spicer Dana Clark-Hurth Drivetrain Needs! We guarantee it.